Magadol Carved Candles. Made in Israel.

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We specialize in hand-carved oil-burning candles. We call them "permanent candles" because you do not burn the actual candle - you burn candle oil through a wick system, therefore you maintain a beautiful gift item.

Wherever you live, in Israel or worldwide, you can make such magnificent, nice and unique present to anybody you want!

You choose the color and style - we create your kind of candle especially for you. A lamp oil burner is placed in the top of your hand-carved, custom-designed candle to preserve its beauty for years.

We make "custom" order carved candles for memorials, weddings, and special occasions, send us your request! The candles can be personalized to include photo, imprinted name, date and your favorite verse or personal message.


Magadol permanent carved candles.

Candles safety and start-up instructions

  • Hold the wickholder ONLY as shown in the picture, NOT by the glass stem.

  • Fill candle with smokeless candle oil to within one-half inch of the top of the oil container. Tilt the candle to help with filling.

  • Adjust the wick in the glass stem so that about the thickness of a coin is above the top end of the glass stem. This setting will produce a flame that is about an inch high. DO NOT burn a flame higher than one inch.  To adjust, twist the wick while pulling or pushing it from the bottom side.

  • Place the wick assembly in the candle as shown in the picture below.

  • The first time you light the wick, WAIT TWO MINUTES for the wick to get wet all the way to the top, then light the wick.

  • DO NOT leave children or pets alone with a lighted candle!

  • DO NOT place a lighted candle near anything that can burn, like clothing, drapes, or paper. Remember that a draft or wind can move materials closer to the flame.

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